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The Dynamite Blues Band

Wes is ready for the Midsummer Bluesnight Festival

Midsummer Bluesnight Festival
Wij zijn er klaar voor!!!!
Zaterdag 24 juni 2017 Speciaalbieren Café In de Kroeën Mechelen (NL)
The Dynamite Blues Band
Big Bo
Big Ritch & the Blacksmith Company
Third House on the Left
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Hi Wesley!!!! 😘


3 days ago

The Dynamite Blues Band

The Clock is Tickin' ....... 15 juli Zwarte Crosssssss!!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

The Clock is Tickin ....... 15 juli Zwarte Crosssssss!!!!!

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Weten jullie of er nog kaartjes te koop zijn?

Jaaa wij zijn er super veel zin in!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

Jeroen Troost Peter Wijnands

100% goed👍

Ben er bij zaterdag 21.45 bayou toch?

Zwaaie he renzo

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Zaterdag laat "Mr TNT" Jan Aandewiel bij het Midsummer Bluesnight Festival weer zien wat voor waardige vervanger hij is voor onze eigen Niels Duindam. Ondertussen........ ... See MoreSee Less

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De lach is nog leuker dan de stunt🚜

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The Dynamite Blues Band

Next Dynamite Party: Midsummer Bluesnight Festival (24 juni - Mechelen) ... See MoreSee Less

Next Dynamite Party: Midsummer Bluesnight Festival (24 juni - Mechelen)

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The Dynamite Blues Band

Nu ook voor de kleine(re) Dynamite Fans: caps voor de kids!!! Limited Edition!!! Stuur ons bij interesse even een PB ... See MoreSee Less

Nu ook voor de kleine(re) Dynamite Fans: caps voor de kids!!! Limited Edition!!! Stuur ons bij interesse even een PB

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De vrouw van de zanger van de band... heeft al contact gehad met de zanger! Super leuk mannen


Zeker belangstelling Ren voor jullie grootste fan uit Sassem

Die cap komt overal... Noorwegen..

Neem aan dat er al 1 achter gelegd is? 😉👍🏻

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The Dynamite Blues Band

Tonight it's Dynamite Night! Vanaf 22 uur bij LKKR eten & drinken www.facebook.com/events/1340153206032148/?ti=cl

Bluestocht Nieuwkoop - NoordenJune 17, 2017, 9:00pmNieuwkoop
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Bluestocht Nieuwkoop - Noorden

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BANG! It’s 2013 and there’s the DYNAMITE BLUES BAND!

Wesley, Niels and J.J., formerly part of the successful Dutch blues band Big Blind teamed up again to create their own explosive blues cocktail. With their previous band Big Blind the young guns played all major Benelux blues festivals, but also upset festivals in the UK (Linton) and Germany (Breminale), while getting major BNL media attention. They got rave album and gig reviews, performed at national radio 3FM, for the more “hip” crowd, and “Raymann Is Laat” on national Dutch TV. Quite rare for a blues band but hey, they were exciting. So is The Dynamite Blues Band that was formed in February 2013 after they were suddenly asked to play a festival on The Azores as Big Blind. That’s when the 3 old friends teamed up again, added stompin’ bass player Renzo van Leeuwen, quickly picked a new name and the band was born.

Even before they played or recorded a single note they got invited for shows throughout Europe as people know it’s like fireworks when these guys play together. In 2014 they recorded their debut album “Shakedown & Boogie” and they got rave reviews in major magazines. The boys also performed at Radio Veronica and at Holland’s popular talkshow “De Wereld Draait Door” with over a million people watching.. They killed it a.o. at major festivals like the Ribs & Blues, Belgian Rhythm & Blues Festival with their greasy, dirty sound.

A new episode starts in 2016 with The Dynamite Blues Band’s second album “Kill Me With Your Love”. Even more variety (there’s horns, baby!), more mature without losing the energy and fun factor. With shows like the famous Zwarte Cross Festival and their first steps into Germany, you’ll still be needing safety glasses and ear protection but don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes!

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BAF Music
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Klaverhof 16
2215 DR Voorhout
The Netherlands

+31(0)6 81 66 20 21

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Dynamite Blues Band
The Dynamite Blues Band V.O.F.
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