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Kill Me With Your Love

Artist: Dynamite Blues Band
Release Date: 3-9-2016
Genre: Blues

About Album

2 years after the release of the well received Shakedown & Boogie album, the band released their second album: Kill Me With Your Love. 12 Original songs, with an even more mature and developed sound. With raw and trashy songs like “Even If You Want To” and “Trash & Rumors” to the gentle “Strong Love” or “Two Sides”. Kill Me With Your Love is a versatile album complementing almost everyone’s taste.


1. Even If You Want To 0:21
2. Dirty Minded 0:23
3. Kill Me With Your Love 0:21
4. Trash and Rumors 0:20
5. Strong Love 0:19
6. Dynamite Momma 0:20
7. The Big Unknown 0:17
8. Too Busy 0:24
9. No Cent 0:19
10. Too Sides 0:25
11. This Ain't Over 0:23
12. Misery 0:22